Why You Need to Start Walking

Summer is a great time to start walking every day! 

Now that the days are longer, sunnier and warmer, it is the perfect time to start getting active. Being active doesn't necessarily mean that you have to start lifting heavy weights or running for miles on end, by simply walking, you can better your health and your life in a number of ways. Our long-term care experts in Elk Horn have come up with this list to help you understand how walking can benefit you:

#1. Manage your weight. 

Being overweight or obese puts you at risk for a whole host of health issues, but something as simple as walking could help to change all of that. By walking every day, you could start to notice some exciting changes in how you look and feel. Not only will losing weight lower your risk for many health issues, it can also help you to cope with pain from arthritis and other joint issues.

#2. Lower your blood pressure. 

If you are concerned about your blood pressure, then it's time to strap on your tennis shoes and hit the pavement. Studies have shown that walking at a moderate level can lower your blood pressure just as effectively as jogging!

#3. Reduce your risk for dementia.

Walking may help you protect yourself against dementia by lowering your risk for vascular disease and improving your cerebral blood flow. Regular exercise, like walking, has been shown to combat both the onset and advancement or dementia. These are just a few of the many benefits of walking every day. Would you like to learn more? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog.  

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