Tips for Maintaining Independence Through the Aging Process

Losing independence is a fear that many seniors share, but our long-term care experts in Elk Horn can help. With the most advanced brains in the animal kingdom, people do not like to relinquish any form of control over their lives. However, as you age, you may need more help, and that can make many people feel like they are losing their independence. [More]

Senior Hydration

Hydration Tips for Seniors: Encourage 8 oz. of fluid intake every time the senior takes medication. Keep water bottles and/or a water cooler available throughout the day wherever the senior is (for example, in bed, or throughout the house.) [More]

Why You Need to Start Walking Part 2

Walking is beneficial in so many incredible ways! There's no better time of the year to start getting active, and there's no better way to start getting active than by walking! Walking is such an incredible activity, and if you've read the latest blog by our senior housing experts in Elk Horn, then you already know about a few of the wonderful benefits that are associated with walking on a regular basis. [More]