Prepare for Winter- Meals on Wheels

As we age, eating well and maintaining a nutrient-dense diet is increasingly important to our health.

A healthy diet can improve physical conditions, mental acuteness, immunity, energy levels and emotional balance, as well as bone, eye and vascular health.

However, achieving a healthy diet and accessing quality foods can be a challenge especially when our community does not have a grocery store and winter months make it hard to travel.

Financial and mobility difficulties can make healthy meals and grocery shopping difficult for aging adults. Appetite changes and diet restrictions also may make meal planning a challenge.

Additionally, many seniors often may be only cooking for one, sometimes causing them to lose motivation to cook, and begin to exclusively use unhealthy microwaveable meals. Forget about microwaveable meals! We have a dedicated kitchen staff willing to serve you!

Call our Dietary Director, Pam Larsen, to order your meal on wheels! (712) 764-4201 ext. 208

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