Rehab To Home

Our goal is to get you back on track.

This means that our staff, our state-of-the-art therapy equipment and our facilities are all designed specifically for you to find the healing you need.

Founded in 1932 with a mission to provide the care and rehabilitations services necessary to uphold a life of Christian dignity and independence, Salem Lutheran Homes and Rehabilitation Center has been delivering unmatched quality for over 80 years. Centered on you and your needs, you’ll have a flexible, relaxing schedule which allows for you to recuperate, as well as personalized physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation sessions that are designed to strengthen your body and your mind.

With our rehab-to-home program, you are benefiting from some of the top therapists in the state, the latest and best technologies and a passion for service that is rooted in humility and a genuine respect for human life. In this way, we are able to meet for all of your needs and do everything we can in order to help you recover or adapt to your current situation in a way that promotes independence, confidence and dignity.

Your length of stay will depend entirely on your condition and the pace at which you progress—we’ll never push you to stay longer than you need or leave before you’re ready. Because we treat you like family, our rehab-to-home facilities actually feel like home, and are catered to your comfort.

VA contracted, we are always more than happy to serve those who have served us so diligently. Contact us today to learn more about pricing, schedules and our qualifications, and see why we are Iowa’s choice for rehab-to-home services.

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Regaining your strength after an illness or injury means more than getting back on your feet. Our therapists are dedicated to providing each resident with the highest quality of care available. This program includes physical, occupational and speech therapy. Rehab to home suites are also furnished to make the transition easier for those needing short-term care.

Our outcome statistics speak for themselves.

When comparing Medicare Re-hospitalization rates, the national average is 25% and Salem’s is 14%. We also rank the best among the 31 other Iowa Good Samaritan Centers in prevalence of high risk ulcers, no restraints, use of anti anxiety medications, behaviors affecting others, Urinary tract infections and weight loss.