Non-Profit Status

The Salem Lutheran Homes Charitable Foundation is a supporting foundation of Salem Lutheran Homes & Rehabilitation Center, a non-profit provider of long-term care and services in Elk Horn, IA.

The mission of the Charitable Foundation is to meet the expanding needs of the Salem Lutheran Homes community by providing an environment that enhances the comfort, security, and welfare of our residents. The foundation fulfills this mission through fundraising efforts helping to build long-range stability for Salem Lutheran Homes & Rehabilitation Center.

Salem Lutheran Home Homes & Rehabilitation Center is a charitable tax-exempt organization under Section 509 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our tax-exempt status means that no employee receives excessive compensation in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code. It also means that Salem Lutheran Homes & Rehabilitation Center pay no dividends and have no shareholders; excess income is used for the purposes of center operations for the benefit of staff members, residents, and the community.