Outpatient Physical Therapy

We combine the best of compassionate care, licensed expertise and qualified professionals in order to produce a team that is just as excellent at what they do as they are passionate about the people they serve. In this way, our outpatient therapy programs are suited to you specifically, addressing your needs, your lifestyle and what you need in order to get back to living life with independence and dignity.

Everything we do is centered on the patient, and while our residential facilities are renowned across the state, our outpatient therapy is becoming known for its exceptional success in treating a wide variety of patients. Because of this success, we are happy to be expanding our facilities to include a state-of-the-art therapy area, dedicated to serving outpatients and rehab-to-home patients so that you don’t have to worry about the level of service and the kind of quality you’ll be receiving.

We were built in 1932 in order to serve the community of elderly people who really had no option for kind, loving care that spoke to their Christian dignity. Since then, we have grown to include some of the best licensed nurses and experts in the area, the most state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that are designed to meet the specific needs of our patients. However, we never lost our passion for speaking to our residents and patients on a more personal, loving level, making them feel like a part of our family while serving them with humility and gentle compassion.

That’s the Salem difference.

Whether you’ve been disabled from an injury, illness or chronic pain, we have outpatient therapy programs that can be catered to you. Contact us today to learn more and ask us about our pricing.

Specialized Treatment and Prevention programs for improved recovery and independence.

The addition of Accelerated Care Plus state of the art therapeutic modalities has increased the success rate of many clients who were out of options to treat

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle weakness
  • Coordination or balance problems
  • A recent fall or fear of falling
  • Recovery from a joint replacement
  • Complications from a stroke
  • Loss of movement
  • Bladder problems
  • Slow healing wounds
  • Post-surgical recovery
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Muscle weakness related to COPD
  • Sports injury

Your Care is our Priority!

Learn more about this important new service, which has been used in over 200 professional and collegiate locker rooms around the country.

  • Risk Prevention for Athletes
  • FMS Functional Movement Screening
  • Sports Injury

Athletes, coaches, athletic directors, parents of athletes and any one who has an interest is welcome to attend and learn about our non-surgical, medication-free treatment options for a wide range of conditions.

Advanced Medical Technology for all ages…

The rehabilitation equipment in our specialized treatment program has been used safely and effectively among people of all ages. These programs have been developed around medical technology called “Therapeutic Modalities”, such as ultrasound, shortwave diathermy, gentle electrical stimulation or infrared light.

“Our therapeutic modalities are often used by professional sports teams to manage pain, re-educate muscles and increase circulation for improved healing after an injury.”


“Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation” is a patented form of electrical stimulation that helps nerves and muscles work together to achieve normal movement after an injury or disease state. It can stimulate the normal coordination or “firing patterns” that occur between nerves and muscles, it also increases local circulation to assist in healing, helps reduce pain and muscle spasm and helps address muscle weakness.


Shortwave Diathermy uses safe electromagnetic waves to create a gentle heating effect in muscles, joints and tissues. It can help manage pain, increase local circulation to assist with healing, treat larger areas, like knees, hips or back, and increase movement and flexibility in stiff muscles and joints. It may be used to assist in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, slow healing wounds, arthritis, joint pain, stiffness, scar tissue and contractures.

Bladder Control

Bladder control problems can be successfully treated in over 80% of people with urinary incontinence. These issues affect more than 13 million Americans – 85% of them women. About half of all seniors have bladder control problems. Unfortunately, most people affected do not seek medical help, primarily because they don’t know that a safe and successful treatment exists. Within the past few years, medical research has proven that our program helps over 80% of clients. Through a review of your current situation with your doctor and our rehabilitation department, you can start regaining control of your bladder.

VirtuSense Technology

The future of fall prevention is right here in Southwest Iowa.

Salem Lutheran Homes & Rehabilitation Center contracts with Blue Stone Therapy to provide our Inpatient/Outpatient Therapy and are the only therapy provider in the area to offer new technologies.

The VirtuSense Technology that we utilize eliminates subjective data using 3D motion capture technology that tracks body movement while accurately collecting data in real-time. It measures gait velocity, step length, stride length, sway and other critical parameters and compares them with normative data to develop therapy exercises to counteract those areas of weakness.

To learn more about this Technology please contact us here.